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Authentication for Prometheus via nginx sidecar

Out of the box Prometheus does not support any authentication mechanism. If you like to expose your instance externally, and you don’t have the luxury of hiding it behind a VPN of some kind, one of your options is to put it behind an nginx proxy.

Some notes on Kubernetes Networking

This is basically a summary of “Kubernetes Networking” chapter in “Container Networking: From Docker to Kubernetes”, as well as some relevant notes, investigations, and articles. The book is available here for free.

Migrating your services to another cluster

Let’s examine how to shutdown a service gracefully in Kubernetes and migrate it to a different cluster. Here the term service is used liberally and doesn’t refer to a Kubernetes Service object. Your service will probably be composed of one or more Kubernetes objects, including a Service object as well as Deployment, Pod, StatefulSet, PersistentVolumeClaim, PersistentVolume etc.